Feeling burned out: Here’s 5 ways to improve the quality of your urban life

Feeling burned out: Here’s 5 ways to improve the quality of your urban life

Living in this modern day and age where everything and everyone is rushing about doing their own things in their own world can be stressful in the long run. So how can you improve your quality of life to ensure you are healthy, comfortable and happy wherever you are?

Me time

First and foremost, it is important to have a time where you put yourself first. This doesn’t refer to hanging out with friends or running errands, but taking some quiet time to tone down, tune out the noise and pamper yourself. You can do something extravagant by going for a massage, or something simple that you enjoy like going for a long walk at the nearby park, or read a book with a nice cup of coffee. Basically, “me” time is something positive and a break from your routine that allows you to relax, give you some space and revitalize you before going back to your busy schedule.

Spend time surrounded by nature

It can be draining to keep up with a fast-paced environment. Instead of spending your free time at a shopping mall, take some time to head to the nearby park, or make a little trip to a waterfall or hike up a hill during weekends. Being surrounded by nature will give you peace of mind and give you a much needed change of pace from the cold, silent concrete city you see everyday.

Live in mixed development neighbourhoods

Sometimes, having to deal with work stress and running multiple errands for daily living can eventually cause you to burnout. However, living in a mixed development neighbourhood allows you to run multiple errands without having to travel far and getting caught in bad traffic. With shops nearby your home, you can easily run errands like grocery shopping, send your clothes to the laundromat, and even buy some takeout whenever you’re running late. This eases the stress of having to plan your day and rushing around just to do simple, everyday things.

Choose good company

To improve quality of life, you need to surround yourself with quality company too. Emotions are contagious, so we usually tend to behave similar to those we spend time with. If you surround yourself with people who are pessimistic, bitter, stressed out and self-centered, you will subconsciously become like them. It is even worse when you have to support people who only know how to take, and that will lead to burning out emotionally and mentally. Find positive and motivated people to help you get a more optimistic view on life too.

Practice moderation

Moderation is key to most things, especially when it comes to eating. Eating healthy is a given, but don’t go overboard with the latest eating fad. Practice moderation, especially when eating sugar filled food as a sugar rush may end up giving you a sugar high, and then a sugar low. A balanced diet is one of the ways to keep your body in top condition to keep up with your mental and emotional needs.

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