Smart Breadwinners: How to safeguard the future of your family

It has been a social norm for a long time now that providing for the family falls upon the shoulders of the head of the household. Not only is he relied on to provide the basic necessities, the responsibility of providing a house for the family also falls on him. However, to be a savvy head of the family, there are a few smart investments that he should do to ensure that the present and future of his family is safe and secured.

Smart Property Investments
Although some might argue that owning a house is a luxury, it still doesn’t diminish the fact that the head of the household will still try with all his might to provide a home for the family, which is considered a smart move.

So, why is a house so important that every family has a strong need to own one?

  • A refuge
    A house is a place of refuge. It does not need to be luxurious or large, but gives a feeling of security, warmth and comfort to the family. A home is a sanctuary, a place to escape the busyness and rush of daily life. 
  • A sense of security
    A house is not just a building, but a home that provides a sense of security, a foundation, and a safe haven for your children to grow up and discover themselves. It is a place where you are constantly reminded of your values, your hopes and your dreams. Should any unfortunate incident befalls upon the head of the house, there would still be a home for the rest of the family to reorganize their lives, or to get away from prying eyes.
  • An asset
    In fact, a property has become something many head of families bestow to their children as a form of asset in the event of their passing, in order to secure at the very minimum a roof over their heads, or at least a form of asset should there be a need for cash. 

Investing in Education
Not only is investment all about material things, but giving the next generation a secure path to walk on by investing in education is also something a smart head of a family would do. Investing in education does not mean that he has to provide premium education, but he should prioritise his children’s education above other material luxuries. With good education, the next generation has a better chance in the future to be self-sufficient, make calculated decisions, and have a broader view of life.

Investing in Good Character
Physical and material needs are important, but if one does not invest in building good character in children, any material assets that is left behind might just get squandered after the head of the family is gone. On top of that, a good character is never a bad thing. It keeps the family safe and secure, and away from vice and bad influences. So, how can one invest in good character? Generally, all children learn from example. By setting a good example, one can teach good character traits faster than knowledge.

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